My passion for drawing and painting

My name is Lucette Tros, I was born in Leiden - Holland (1959).
I am an artist working on flat surfaces and make realistic oilpaintings. For my drawings I use pencil, charcoal and softpastels.

The diversity of quirky issues are created in my often monumental works, sometimes narrative and then getting a magical realistic character. Besides composition, form, light and shade is expression of various materials an important element in my work. It provides food for thought...

I also work in commission for both individuals aswell businesses.

T r a i n i n g n a n d n C o u r s e s
2010 - Graduated by Maarten Welbergen, Wackers Academy Amsterdam
2008 - Portrait Painting led by Hans van Amstel
2008 - Masterclass 'Lucien Freud' painting, led by Bert Osinga
2008 - Summer Workshop 'Rembrandt' painting, led by Bram Stoof 2007 - Masterclass portrait. Painting with Hans van Amstel and Maarten Welbergen
2006 - Graphic techniques at Kunstlinie, Almere City
2004 - Painting lessons at Gooise Academy, Laren
2002 - Drawing and painting training at Stichting Kreatieve Educatie (SKE), Amsterdam
1998 - Watercolor Tongham, England UK

E x p e r i e n c e
• Visual Arts Teacher at the Buitenhout College, Almere Buiten (from
September 2010)
Providing workshops in collaboration with Casla
(Centre for Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape, Almere)
• Various workshops drawing and painting

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